Map This is a personalised, web-based service, specialising in spatial analytics, providing data and mapping advice to all types of industries.

Based in the Pilbara region, I pride myself on local knowledge. I also understand the importance of being easily accessible to my clients, in a remote environment. My spatial analytics and web mapping services are an essential tool in assessing product viability across a vast landscape of land and industry.

Whether you’re in retail, a town planner, emergency services personnel, a pest and disease control expert or a regional business looking to expand, Map This can provide a service to suit your needs. The level of analytics can be as complex or as simple as you require. 

If you’re a business owner in a small town you, and your customers, may therefore be missing the benefits that come with living in a large community. Having timely access to general medical facilities, trade services, vital supplies and retail outlets can all impact the scope and success of your business.

Map This is here to provide key data on where and how to connect with the essential services you need – when you need them. 

Map This can assist local business owners to explore their target market further by providing a customised mapping service to show you exactly where you can potentially expand your business. 

Let’s say you’d like to expand your business from a few retail outlets to a regional or national expansion. Map This will provide advanced map data analysis, including population density data and Census data to identify spending patterns and demographic models to target your ideal customers, in a specific area. My breakdown of research provides insights into your industry, competitors and consumer behaviour, on a local, regional or national basis, helping you to create a well-informed sales and marketing strategy and assessment of product viability.

This information can be broken down onto a simple map, showing hotspots of where your ideal customers are located, or delivered in my unique web-based format, so you can input your own data. 

If you’re considering hosting an event in an unfamiliar or regional area, then it’s important to know the lay of the land. Map This can provide the local knowledge you’re going to need to make your event a success. I can create mud maps or clear, simple topographical maps outlining local terrain for you to design the perfect golf course, organise a cross country challenge, or perhaps plan an enduro motor cross event. 
Similarly, if you’re hosting an event that may involve large crowds, overnight stays and camping for example, I can make sure your visitors are set up in a safe and amenable area. Whatever the occasion, Map This has got you covered.

Perhaps you have the data, and you know what you’re looking for, but you just don’t know how to break it down into digestible pieces? Map This analyses your data and provides a simple model of facts and figures, that can easily be translated into strategic reports and presentation for clients, employees and shareholders alike. 

Whether it’s analysing pages of map data on population density, searching for your target market buried in a sizeable customer database, or a simple breakdown of comparative sales figures, sorted by key dates and other parameters, I can decipher the data you need.

This is for clients who require more specific web mapping services. Map This can interpret aerial and drone footage from information provided by yourself or my network of qualified aerial photographers in the region. 
Customers include:
Fire services personnel who require detailed aerial footage and help to identify high fire risk areas and access routes.
Pest and disease control experts responsible for containing the outbreak of disease in regional and remote areas. I can monitor and map the affected areas and incorporate additional parameters to determine high-risk zones, in order to control and minimise the potential devastation to livestock and livelihoods.

Map This is also available for servicing the Indigenous communities of the Pilbara region.

Local business

As a Pilbara local, based in Paraburdoo, I know the challenges getting the assistance you require in a cost effective and timely fashion can be.

I can arrange a face to face meeting (within Western Australia), chat over the phone or even video call if you’d prefer.

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